Editie 2011 - Woensdag 7 Maart 2012 - Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

The heavyweight Dutch privacy-infringers of the past year were announced during the ceremony of the Big Brother Awards 2011. The jury selected three winners out of a total of nine nominees: Facebook, Edith Schippers (the Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports) and the Dutch national police (KLPD). Fred Teeven, Dutch state secretary for Security and Justice, won the popular vote.

The winners

The prizes were awarded in three categories. In the category People, Minister Edith Schippers won the award for privatising the digitisation of medical data of Dutch citizens, after a bill with the same goal failed to pass the senate due to privacy concerns. In the category Companies, Facebook won the award. The jury gave the award to Facebook to draw attention to the fact that the planned IPO is mostly based on the personal data of the users, whereas Facebook has a very bad track record when it comes to privacy. In the category Government, the National police (KLPD) received an award for the use of spyware and re-hacking a number of victims of hacking.

The audience could speak out against privacy-breaches too. State secretary for security and justice Fred Teeven won the popular vote with a strong lead.

The jury

The nominations were selected from contributions by the Dutch public by a professional jury. The jury consisted of Dutch publicist Karin Spaink (chairwoman), journalist and TV-presenter Antoinette Hertsenberg, professor of Media and Telecommunication laws Nico van Eijk, rapper and privacy champion Typhoon and professor IT and Auditing and partner at KPMG Edo Roos Lindgreen.


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